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Dentegris is planning to launch two new implant diameters - 3.8mm and 4.1mm

Our development department is full of passion and enthusiasm in creating new products. Now the team has developed two new implant diameters. They will come with the same superior design and surface equal to our current implants. But the implants will have a crucial advantage – The Platform...

Exhibitor: Dentegris GmbH

tempofit® semi 10:1

High-end bis-acrylic-composite for high quality long-term temporary prosthetics, 10:1, self-curing. For fast chairside fabrication of temporary crowns & bridges of highest mechanical strength and stability. Developed for restorations with a wear period > 30 days. With precisely defined...

Exhibitor: DETAX GmbH & Co. KG

Freeprint® temp UV

Light-curing, biocompatible 3D resin for the generative fabrication of temporary crowns & bridges. For all LED/UV printers with a light spectrum of 378-388 nm. Exceptional breaking and flexural resistance, high abrasion resistance. Natural tooth esthetics, brilliant, translucent colours....

Exhibitor: DETAX GmbH & Co. KG

Freeprint® ortho UV/405nm

Light-curing, biocompatible 3D resin for the generative fabrication of base parts for orthodontic apparatuses, surgical guides and X-ray templates, occlusal and fixation splints. For all LED/UV printers with a light spectrum of 378-388 nm and a wave length of 405 nm. Benefits: high reliability...

Exhibitor: DETAX GmbH & Co. KG


The Vector principle – a provably gentle and mild periodontal treatment. The ultrasound energy is accurately deflected in a linear direction. Thanks to this patented vibration deflection system, the instruments are then moved parallel to the surface of the root only. Treatment can be...


GAMMAT® optimo 2

The esthetics of 24K-gold as well as utmost biocompatibility are integrated within Gramm´s gold-plating system GAMMAT ® optimo 2. Gold-platings made with the unit GAMMAT ® optimo 2 have a close, covering and securely adhering gold layer with an approx thickness of 10µm. A...

Exhibitor: Gramm Technik GmbH

Happy-Morning ® Travel Kit

  We have improved the Travel Kit, consisting of toothbrush and toothpaste hygienically blister-packed. Ideal on the way and in between or before seeing a dentist. Compact set of toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste (3g) Individual hygienic packaging Toothpaste with...

Exhibitor: Hager Pharma GmbH


We have all learned that sweets are harmful to the teeth and put your state of health at risk. Consequently it is hard to believe that the lollipop you give to your child strengthens its teeth and general condition of its body. miradent ® XyliPop ® - a new strawberry-flavoured lollipop...

Exhibitor: Hager Pharma GmbH

PrepMarker - Depth marking instruments

Reliable adherence to the minimum layer thickness. Designed for marking the preparation depth prior to the restoration, the PrepMarkers are designed for all-ceramic preparations (e.g. (partial) crowns, onlays or overlays). They can be used from the occlusal, buccal, oral or vestibular side....

Exhibitor: Komet Dental - Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG

OccluShaper - Simply saves tooth structure

These days, indirect all-ceramic restorations are gaining in popularity all the time.  They do, however, require special shapes to allow for the properties of the materials and to ensure firm fixation. To this end, preparation guidelines were compiled and special preparation instruments...

Exhibitor: Komet Dental - Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG

Micro/Bevel - Sonic tips for micropreparation

In conservative dentistry, top priority is given to the preservation of natural hard tooth substance. The basic concept of minimally invasive dentistry has, therefore, inevitably resulted in new demands on the design of instruments. Komet now offers a range of sonic tips for the minimally...

Exhibitor: Komet Dental - Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG


Camouflage is a light-cure, radiopaque universal composite restorative material for direct veneer. The specially selected ratio of agglomerized nanoparticles and micro-glass allows ideal polishing of surfaces The composite meets stringent aesthetic requirements thanks to its chameleon effect,...

Exhibitor: MEGADENTA Dentalprodukte GmbH

Cr-Co Starbond Cos Powder for the SLM Technology

Starbond CoS Powder is based on the proven dental bonding alloy Starbond CoS. The user can thus continue to work in a system with the same alloy components and the same composition, as well as the same positive processing characteristics. Scheftner alloy powders for the manufacture of highly...

Exhibitor: S&S Scheftner

GrandioSO - Universal nano-hybrid restorative

Indications Fillings of class I to V cavities Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors Facetting of discoloured anteriors Correction of shape and shade for improved aesthetic appearance Locking, splinting of loosened teeth Repairing veneers Restoration of...

Exhibitor: VOCO GmbH

Profluorid Varnish - Fluoride-containing dental desensitising varnish (5% NaF)

Indications Treatment of hypersensitive teeth Sealing the dentinal tubules, e.g. for cavity preparations or on sensitive root surfaces Advantages • Easy to apply on wet tooth surfaces • Esthetic, tooth-shaded varnish • Fast desensitisation and fluoride release (5 %...

Exhibitor: VOCO GmbH

Ionolux - Light-curing glass ionomer restorative material

Indications Class III and V restorations, primarily cervical fi llings and root caries Restoration of deciduous teeth Small class I fillings Temporary fillings Core build-up Linings Advantages Excellent working time – setting time individually adjustable by...

Exhibitor: VOCO GmbH

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