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GAMMAT® optimo 2

The esthetics of 24K-gold as well as utmost biocompatibility are integrated within Gramm´s gold-plating system GAMMAT® optimo 2. Gold-platings made with the unit GAMMAT® optimo 2 have a close, covering and securely adhering gold layer with an approx thickness of 10µm. A cohesive gold layer prevent flake-off and corrosion is also the 24K electroforming gold free of nickel and palladium.

The GAMMAT® optimo 2 offers the possibility of friction renewals of
worn telescopic cases. A restoration of the adherence of worn telescopic prosthetics by slectively plating the inside of secondary crowns. With the GAMMAT® optimo 2. Gramm consistently converts 20 years of experience in the dental electroforming technology were advanced and combined with the most state of the art-gold-plating equipment technology.

Exhibitor: Gramm Technik GmbH

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